White Spider Lily

Spider lilies are ornamental garden plants grown for their famous flowers. Their elegant white flowers make the spider lily plants a joy to grow in the gardens. They are very exotic looking plants.
They are hardy, low maintenance, long lived and beautiful ground covering plants. Their leaves are dark green, long and strappy and held slightly upright.They can be planted in a semi shaded position under light canopy of trees or palms. They are spectacular house plants.
The flowers have long, slender, white petals that radiate from a round center, giving the whole bloom a spider like look. The flowers are delightfully fragrant, with up to 8 flowers blooming on each flower stalk at a time. The biggest flush of flowers occurs at the start of the rainy season. Flowers open in the evening emitting their perfume overnight.
Spider lilies require very little care and they are the easiest growing flowering plants. These plants once grown take root very fast. They grow in full sun and tolerate a range of soil conditions.

How to grow spider lilies:
Spider lilies are usually grown from bulbs.

From bulbs:

1) Mix a Two inch layer of compost in to top 8 inches of soil in a well drained but moist garden bed.
2) Plant the spider lily bulbs with the tip of each bulb 4 inches beneath the soil surface. Space the bulbs 8 inches apart in all directions.
3) Water the soil immediately so it settles around the bulb.
4) Cover the bed with a two inch layer of soil. Water the bulbs about once weekly so that water doesn't dry out completely.