Bignonia radicans

Bignonia radicans is a beautiful, deciduous ornamental garden vine. It is a vigorously growing woody vine that climbs by aerial rootlets which will cling to just about any supportive surface. It grows primarily for its attractive flowers and its ability to rapidly cover structures with attractive evergreen foliage. Its a fast growing, heavy flowering beautiful plant. It grows up to 30 feet tall.
Bignonia flowers are incredibly beautiful and bloom in clusters. The blooms are red or orange, trumpet shaped with yellow throats.
Once established this plant doesn't need to be watered or fertilized beyond what nature provides. This plant can withstand long periods of drought even in growing season and keeps blooming.

How to grow Bignonia radicans:

Growing this plant is a simple process using seeds or a soft wood stem cuttings.

By seeds:
1) Plant the seeds in a fast draining soil filled with a mixture of peat, coarse sand and petite.
2) Bury each seed one to two inches below the surface of the growing medium and keep the soil moist.
3) The seeds germinate and emerge from the soil within three weeks of planting.
4) After the plants become firmly established transplant them in a sunny location in the garden.

By soft wood stem cuttings:

1) Cuttings with three joints can be detached from the well established plant by using a sharp knife.
2) Insert them in a propagating pot or case where they should form roots in 6-10 weeks.
3) Once they have formed sufficient amount of roots, they can be potted individually in small containers and eventually transplanted in the desired location outdoors.