Allamanda are popular ornamental garden plants. They are fast growing, luxuriant, colorful, evergreen, climbing shrubs. They are grown for their large, showy colorful flowers. This plant has leathery evergreen leaves arranged in whorls along the stem and bright beautiful flowers. It can be trained to cover fences and arbors. It is a good container plant.

Allamandas have glossy deep green leaves that provide the perfect foil for the flamboyant flowers. The dramatic trumpet shaped flowers feature a widely flared throat and five large overlapping petals, usually golden yellow or pink or lavender or red in color. The clusters of trumpet shaped blossoms appear on and off most of the year.

This plant likes a fertile soil and regular watering. Pruning encourages growth, new flowering  and shape the plant to the desired shape.  

How to grow Allamandas:

Allamandas are usually propagated by stem cuttings.

By stem cuttings:

1) With a clean sharp knife  cut six inch stem cutting from fresh new growth which has at least three or four fully formed leaves at the tip. Remove all the leaves and buds from the lower half.
2) Fill a pot with equal parts of moist clay, petite and peat moss.
3) Plant it in the prepared starting pot and water enough to evenly moisten the surface soil and place it in a warm, bright area.
4) The cutting will root within 2-4 weeks.
5) Transplant the rooted cutting in a permanent place in the garden and water it everyday.
6) Feed the young plant a water soluble fertilizer throughout the growing season.