Lotus is one of the most majestic ornamental water plants to have in a garden. It is the most exotic of
all pond plants. These are beautiful water plants that represent  beauty and purity. They are one of nature's most beautiful creations. They existed on the earth for thousands of years. They grow in shallow and marshy waters.These plants flourish in a wide range of climates.The roots of Lotus plant are rooted in the soil under the water while the leaves float on the top of water surface.  The Lotus flowers are usually found on thick stems raising several centimeters above the water.
Lotus flowers are very beautiful. They are either pink or white in color. The petals are shaped like dagger and are arranged in several layers.  The flower is known by its sweet odor. It is very fragrant and the perfume will permeate the evening. The flower which lasts 3-5 days, opens in the morning and closes at night.

How to grow Lotus plant:
Lotus plants can be grown from seeds, tubers. You can purchase them in your local nurseries.

 From seeds:
1) Place the seeds into  a glass of warm water and change the water everyday.
2) Once you see Lotus roots emerge, put them in small pots filled with good garden soil.
3) A depression should be made in the soil and one seed should be set in the depression.,
4) Cover the roots gently with soil or gravel.
5) When the Lotus leaves started to grow, keep them free of soil and set the plant in warm water up to two inches deep.
6) Plant your lotus in a larger container without drainage holes and give it as much light as possible.
7) A lotus plant that is established can be fertilized.every 3 or 4 weeks during the growing season.

From tubers:
1) Float the tubers in a large bowl. fill the bowl with warm water ntill it is nearly full and rest the tuber on the surface of water..
2) Place the bowl in a warm place and change the water very 3-7 days.
3) Plant the tubers with in few weeks after the tuber sprouts.
4) Carefully take the sprouted tuber out of the bowl and place it in the middle of your new wide pot or bowl
5) Carefully  put good garden soil  around the tuber and fill the pot 1/3rd with soil.
4) Add some gravel above the soil and fill the bowl with water.
Lotus  can be grown in a wide variety of ways from pots to a pond in your back yard

Lotus flowers, young leaves and the roots are edible and are used in cuisine. They are rich in fiber and vitamins of B group. They are rich source of iron and other important minerals.