Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are ornamental garden plants grown for  their beautiful flowers. These modern roses are trailing shrubs. Their slender stems can be trained to ascend trellis. The stems grow long  and arching canes  that can be tied up and trailed along fences, walls and trellises. They form a colorful backdrop  for borders and they are fantastic for covering structures. They transform bare fences, walls and trellises into beautiful focal points.
These roses show greater resistance to diseases.
Climbing roses have large flowers similar to other garden roses which are typically held singly or in small groups and they usually have the ability to repeat blooms.
Climbing roses are grown for their beautiful flowers which range in color from white through various tones of yellow and pink to dark crimson and maroon and most have a delightful fragrance.

How to grow climbing roses:
Climbing roses prefer full sun, so the spot you plant them in should receive 6 hours of sun per day. These roses need well draining nutrient rich soil.

1) Choose a spot with plenty of space. Remove 6 inches of top soil and replace it with soil from another part of your garden.
2) Mix the new soil generously with compost and allow to settle for 2-3 weeks.
3) Dig a hole 18 inches wide. It should be large enough for the roots to spread out.
4) Sprinkle some rose fertilizer at the base of the hole.
5) Before planting a bare root rose remove and discard the packing material and soak the roots for a few hours.
6) Place the rose plant in the hole, carefully spread the roots out.
7) Fill the hole with water and let drain.
8) Add soil back in the hole until roots are fully covered and the soil is leveled.
9) Tamp down the soil with your hands gently.
10) Newly planted roses need 1 inch of water per week throughout their first growing season.
Climbing roses grow vigorously and bloom more prolifically if fertilized several times during growing season. They are excellent for limited flat space garden area that have a lot of open vertical space to climb up and elegantly drape the area with beautiful blooms.