Gerber Daises

Geber daises are ornamental garden plants commonly grown for their bright and cheerful daisy like flowers. They can be used in landscapes as bedding plants for borders and flower beds or as potted plants.
The flowers hardly look real. They bloom in nearly every color and produce fantastically large flowers on long thick stems. They last for a week or more in the vase, making them a favorite of flower arrangements. These beautiful blooms are perfect for any occasion.

How to grow Gerberas:

Growing Gerber daisy plant is possible from seed , seedlings or divisions. Areas with full sun or partial sun are best for growing these precious plants. They tolerate mild temperatures.
The most inexpensive way to produce gerberas is from seeds obtained from reputable seed suppliers. Seedlings are easy to find in nurseries.

Growing from seeds and seedlings:

1) Seeds should be germinated in an artificial growing medium that is sterile, light and have water retention capacity. It can be purchased in garden supply store.The material often have fertilizer incorporated.
2) The medium can be placed in pots that have drainage holes.
3) Make shallow rows in the medium, sow seeds in the rows. cover lightly with extra medium and water carefully. Check the medium daily for moisture and  signs of seed germination.
4) Germination usually takes 2-3 weeks. When large enough to handle, seedlings can be transplanted in to flower beds or large pots.

Growing from divisions: 

1) When first signs of new growth are seen, plant can be divided. Use healthy plants. divide the root stock and crown into 4 pieces each with one growth bud attached.
2) Alternatively, detach young basal shoots, pot them up carefully in sandy compost and place in a propagator until well rooted, then pot up or plant into a bed or border.