Coleus are one of the rare plants that are grown exclusively for colorful foliage. Coleus is ideal for anyone who wants color in the garden.
Coleus come in a wide range of color combinations and leaf patterns. Some are green marked with ivory, apricot, brown, pink, red or purple. A few are of solid color, most have two turn borders.
Coleus grow beautiful in pots or in flower beds or borders.
These plants may grow over a feet tall during warm weather if it is well fed. You can control its size by pruning.
With its bright leaves and tolerant nature it is quite easy to grow.


By seeds:
 Coleus seeds are available at any store that sells flower seeds or can buy them online.
1) Mix the seeds with sand before sowing. It can help you spread the seeds more evenly.
2) Sprinkle them over the damp prepared soil in the garden.
3)Cover the seeds with a fine layer of potting soil. You can see seedlings in about two weeks.
4) Once the seedlings are large enough to be handled, they can be transplanted to pots or containers.
By cuttings:
1) Find a mature Coleus plant, cut off as many coleus cuttings as desired with a pair of scissors
2) Make the cut for the cutting just below a leaf node.
3) Remove all the leaves from the lower half of the cuttings
4) Stick a pencil in the thoroughly moistened prepared soil.
5) Place the coleus cutting into the hole made by the pencil.
6) Push the soil back around the cutting
7) The cutting will root in 2-3 weeks.
Another method:
1) After taking the cuttings, place them in a small glass of water and place this in bright indirect light.
2) Change the water every other day.
3) Once you see roots grow, you can transplant the coleus cuttings into soil.