Clerodendrum fragrance - Glory bower - Stick bush - Honolulu rose

Clerodendrum fragrance is an ornamental garden perennial shrub. These shrubs have a lot of lush green foliage. The leaves are very large.

White or pink fragrant double flowers occur in dense inflorescences. The flower heads nestle in between the leaves, with individual flowers taking turns to bloom. The flowers are very fragrant in the evening. Each bloom stays up to 3 days before whithering. The flower head throws up flowers for
15 days before another takes its place.

How to grow Clerodendrum fragrance:

Propagation of this plant is by cuttings and it is very easy.

1) Take cuttings of the stem or branches.
2) Select a sunny location in the garden, loose the soil and water it.
3) Insert the cutting in the soil and water at regular intervals.