Bleeding Heart Vine - Glory Bower - Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Bleeding heart vine is an attractive, bushy, tropical looking, twining, ornamental garden vine. They are mostly warm climates. They are good climbing plants and are easier to grow as they are sun loving plants. They are quite aesthetic too, as they produce tons of beautiful flowers. This tropical beauty is covered with attractive dark green colored leaves.

It is grown for its  masses of beautiful bi-colored flowers. It produces flowers in clusters of 8-10 blooms. Each flower has a creamy white five-lobed calyx and a bright crimson five petaled corolla with long stamens.

How to grow Bleeding heart vine:

Bleeding heart vine is mainly propagated by cuttings. It can also propagated from seed.

From cuttings:

1) Plant the cuttings in a bright sunny location in the garden or in a container out doors.
2) Cuttings will root in 10-14 days. After the cuttings root, supply the plant with good fertilizer and water it.
3) They grow best in fertile soil mixed with sand for good drainage.
4) If planting in a container, be sure the pot has holes on the bottom for proper drainage.