Salvias have been the new trend ornamental plants in the gardens due to their tolerance for long dry weather. They are easy to cultivate, growing quickly and flowering readily. Salvia is a member of mint family.

Salvia plant types may be annual or perennial, with spiky blooms. The foliage of growing Salvia remains attractive and is a source of the fragrance.They produce spikes of small, densely packed flowers atop  aromatic foliage. These heat and drought resistant buties bloom in shades of red, blue, violet, pink and white. They are good for cut flowers.

How to grow Salvias:

Salvias can be planted from seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

1) Cut back the stems of Salvia almost to ground level.
1) With a sharp spade carefully dig around the plant edges and lift it up.
3) Dig through the plant to divide it into two clumps or pieces.
4)Shake some of the soil around the roots.
5) Dig holes in the prepared garden bed and place the clumps in holes.
6) Carefully fill in around the roots and firm the soil gently. Water thoroughly.
Salvia rejuvenates quickly after being divided, giving you lovely new plant.