Passiflora - Passion flower 

Passiflora is a fast growing ornamental garden perennial vine, with showy white and purple blue scented flowers that remain open for about one day.These vigorously climbing, ever green vines are thickly covered with lobed dark-green leaves and exotic looking flowers.

Passiflora vine is immediately recognized by its big spectacular blooms. The flowers are uniquely beautiful. Passiflora blooms throughout the year.

Passiflora grows best in deep, moist,well drained soil. It needs more than four hours direct sun light. It likes moderately fertile soil. It can thrive in any soil.

How to grow Passiflora:

From cuttings:

Passiflora can be propagated by cuttings 4-6 inches long taken at any time during active growth.
 Take in 6 inches stem tip cutting and root in moist potting mix to get a new plant.

From seeds:

1) Passiflora can be grown from dried seeds that have been stored for a year or more.  Seeds can be difficult to sprout.
2) Soak seeds for 1-2 days in a glass of warm water. Viable seeds sink to the bottom of the glass.
3) Start seed in damp potting mix. Place seed on the surface of the soil and pat down but don't cover. 4)They need to be exposed to light, in order to germinate. It can take weeks or months for the seeds to sprout. Keep the soil moist at all times.
5) When sprouts appear keep them out of direct sun light until there are true leaves and don't handle the plants until they are large enough to transport.