Ipomoea - Morning glory

Morning glory are very fast growing ornamental garden plants. They may be annual or tender perennial vines with light green heart shaped leaves, They produce a non stop show of large blue, pink, purple, red or white trumpet shaped sometimes fragrant flowers. Morning glory flowers unravel
into full bloom in the early morning. These plants produce 60,000 flowers at a rate of 300 per day.

Growing Morning glory plants is easy. They prefer full sun but will tolerate very light shade. They are also well known for their tolerance to poor dry soils. They prefer well drained soil that is moist.

How to grow Morning glory plants:

Morning glory plants are easily started by seeds sown directly in the garden.

1) Before sowing seeds, nick them with a file to help them absorb water and germinate more quickly or soak them overnight to soften the coats.
2) Sow the seeds half inch deep, 8-12 inches apart and cover them with a layer of soil.
3) Allow the sprouts to grow in the same place.
4) Once the plants have reached about six inches or so in height, provide some type of support for the vine to twine around.

Because of their fast  growth, twining habit, attractive flowers and tolerance for poor dry soils, Morning glory plants are excellent vines for creating summer shade building walls when trellised, thus keeping the building cooler.

If you want to cover your fence fast, the best choice would probably have to be Morning glory.