Cabbage Roses - Rosa centifolia

Cabbage rose is a ornamental flower perennial. It is known for its shrubby growing habit. It is a lovely plant once it has reached its full size. These are tough, disease resistant plants with coarse, grey-green leaves and long canes that nod under the weight of their dense, fragrant blooms.

Best known for their 'one hundred-petaled', cabbage like bloom shape, these garden roses usually bloom only once per season. Flowers range in color from pink to lavender. These cabbage shaped, very double blooms are blessed with a strong heady perfume.

How to grow Cabbage roses:

1)Select the cultures of cabbage roses desired for the garden. They are sold in either in fiber or plastic pots in your local nurseries.
2) Choose a planting location that gets at least six hours of direct sun and good air circulation.These roses require good drainage.
3)Dig a hole two feet wide and fill it half with rich, organic soil. Place the culture in the hole and cover it with organic soil. Gently press the soil and water thoroughly.
4) Fertilize cabbage roses once a month with commercial rose fertilizer.
5) Water frequently. Morning waterings are best.