Dianthes are ornamental garden plants, often grown as annuals. These are bushy, compact plants that typically grow in mounds or clumps 6-12 inches tall. Dianthes plants are versatile. There are dwarf and mat forming varieties that are perfect for edging along borders, as a ground cover or grown in pots and containers.

Cool weather, sufficient sun and regular watering results in healthy Dianthes plants. They can tolerate all day sun.

Many Dianthes plants have bluish-green foliage that is showy in its own when the plants are not  in bloom. The blooms come in wide range of colors and forms. They may be single or double, but all have jagged edged petals. Flower colors include white, lilac, red and all shades of pinks. These long lasting colorful blooms are well worth the short life of the plant.

How to grow Dianthes:

1) Dianthes may be propagated by division of larger clumps or by half ripe shoot cuttings or from seeds sown.

2) Use a moistened seed starting mix in trays or pots and press the Dianthes seeds into the soil, misting the surface to moisture the seeds. When the sports are seen, place the container in sunny south facing window. Water from bottom and fertilize with water soluble fertilizer from day 10 of seedling growth and then every two weeks until transplantation.

3) Dianthes prefer well drained soil. Adding organic manure improves both drainage and aeration in the soil. Allowing the soil to dry before watering is recommended.