Solidago sps - Goldenrod

Goldenrod is a fashionable ornamental garden plant. A garden of Goldenrods  is really a beautiful sight . This plant has many desirable features that the home garden might find useful. It's bright yellow flowers are gorgeous and make wonderful, log-lasting cut flowers.

It is a tall slim plant topped of with fluffy golden spikes. Groups of Goldenrod flowers are often clustered on the top edge of branches at the top of the plant. They bloom in broad  pyramidal cluster, elongated or flattish clusters. Goldenrod flowers bloom during July-October.

Growing and planting Goldenrods is easy, as these plants will survive anywhere. Goldenrods prefer to be grown in full sun, They tolerate various soil types as long as it's well draining. These plants are drought tolerant.

How to grow Goldenrods:

Propagation by division of rhizomes or roots or by sowing seeds.

1) Cut back plants to their base. Divide them by cutting  through the rhizomes with a sharp knife. Remove the woody central root and replace the young rhizome to form healthy new plant.

2) It is also possible to grow Goldenrods by taking root cuttings.

3) Prepare the soil by adding organic leaf mulch and compost where you wish to sow seeds. Sow lightly. Once the seedlings emerge, dig up and replant at a spacing of 12 inches. Keep moist until they are fully established.
Goldenrod flowers are self-seeded. Look around the base to see new plants emerging.

Consider including Goldenrods in your garden.