Asters - Starworts - Frost flowers

Asters are popular ornamental garden plants because of their showy flowers and the availability of flowers in multiple colors. They are one of the easiest garden perennials to cultivate.

With their wild flower beauty and lush texture, asters have long been considered as enchanted flowers. Asters are dainty, daisy like flowers with yellow centers. They come in rainbow of colors including white, pink, lavender and purple. Vase life of these flowers ranges from 5-14 days.

How to grow Asters:

1) Asters may be propagated by dividing or grown from seeds sown.

2) Asters are easily grown from division. Simply dig out half to two thirds of the plant, leaving the remainder in place. Then separate the portion dug out into sections and plant in an other location.

3)Aster seeds can be sown directly into your flower garden or sow seeds in pots and cover lightly with soil. Water thoroughly once.The seeds germinate easily and plant grows quickly. Transplant the seedling outdoors in well drained soil in the garden where there is full sun and good air circulation so that they can be grown for years. Plant them at least 18 inches apart. Pinch back the tops to create bushier plant and to prolong the bloom. Asters need regular watering at their roots.

Asters produce hundreds of flowers in September, October and November months. They make good cut flowers for vases and arrangements. 

The meaning of this September birth flower is faith, love, wisdom and it symbolizes valor.