Calla lilies

Calla lily is a beautiful and attractive plant available in a multitude of colors. It grows from under ground stem(rhizome). It is ideal for use in garden beds, borders, in pots and containers. It can also grow out doors or in a sunny window as house plant.
Each plant produces 10-30 elegant, sculptural extraordinary flowers. The flowers are generally pink, red, purple, white and yellow in color.
It is easy to grow calla lilies. These plants do not require too much care. Proper planting and location are the only important things to grow calla lilies. They prefer full sun or partial shade and warm weather.

How to grow calla lilies:
Calla lilies are easy to propagate. They grow from tubers.
1) Find a location in the garden where the soil drains well.
2) Callas thrive in average soils. Add peat moss and compost to the soil.
3) Dig holes a foot apart and plant the calla tubers shallowly so that the tops of the tubers are exposed.
4) Plant the tubers with the eyes exposed. Water the tubers to settle the soil around the tubers.
5) Roots will form in a few weeks.
6) Water the sprouts enough to keep the soil  slightly damp.