Cabbage Rose - Rosa centrifolia

Cabbage roses are tough, disease resistant, ornamental garden plants, best known for their one hundred petaled cabbage like blooms. These garden roses are a cross between two species of roses. They have coarse leaves and long canes that nod under the weight of their large fragrant blooms.
The blooms are large, full and have a wonderful fragrance. Their thick, full, multi petaled growth habit is how they got the name of a cabbage rose.They range in color from dark pink to lavender.
Cabbage roses require a sunny location with well drained fertile soil and careful pruning for abundant blooming. They bloom only once per season.

Cabbage rose plants are sold in plastic bags or pots in local nurseries.
1) Select the cultivar desired for your garden.
2) Choose a planting location that gets 6 hours of direct sun light, good drainage and good air circulation.
3) Dig a hole 2 feet deep and and put some composted soil in the center.
4) Remove the purchased cabbage rose plant from the plastic pot and fill in the hole with the plant.
5) Fill the  hole completely with rich organic soil and leave a slight depression around the plant to collect water
6) Fertilize the roses once a month with a commercial rose fertilizer or an organic fertilizer.

Roses need to be pruned and shaped especially when you are wanting large blossoms prune new shoots and buds. Try to keep one or two buds per stem, this will produce a large blossom. Always  pick dead blossoms from the plant.
Keeping the plants neat and well kept will protect them from diseases.