Passionate Pansies

Pansies are one of the earliest ornamental garden flowering plants. They are hardy annuals whose flowers have 'faces.' Pansy plant is compact, not more than 9 inches in both height and spread, and bears many stems. Leaves are medium green, oval or heart shaped.
These plants offer colorful flowers for any season in the garden. They are fragrant and edible. Blooms can be simple, clear color such as yellow or blue. A second pattern is single color having black lines radiating from its center. The last type is one of the most familiar. The bloom of this type has a dark center called the face.

Pansies have become gardening favorite. They prefer full sun to partial shade. They like well draining, nutrient rich soil. They need plenty of organic matter to feed the blossoms.

How to grow Pansies:

1) Pansies are grown from seeds or buy plants that are still small and do not have buds on them. Do not buy the plants that already have flowers on them.
2) Sow seeds  and cover lightly with 1/8 inches of soil and water thoroughly.
3) Start Pansy beds before transplanting the seedlings.
4) Plant in moist, humus- rich, well-drained soil.
5) Space the plants about 7-12 inches apart. They will spread about 9-12 inches and grow by about 6-9 inches tall.Water them regularly.
6) Use general, all purpose fertilizer around Pansies to help them grow.
7) Remove faded/dead flowers to prolong blooming and and encourage more flowers to grow.

Pansies are good choice to grow because they are relatively pest and disease free.