Merremia tuberosa - Wood Rose

Wood rose is a ornamental  perennial vine  with  Morning glory like yellow flowers.  Flowers are followed by distinctive, shiny light brown wooden rose-like seed cap.
Wood Roses aren't roses, in fact they aren't any kind of flowers, rather thin walled, capsular fruits subtended by much enlarged dried-out, stiff sepals. Inside each capsule four black, fuzzy seeds are suspended. The 'wooden flowers' remain pretty for weeks.

How to grow Wood Roses:

1) Nick the Wood Rose seeds with a knife first and soak them for 24 hours.
2) Plant them 1/2 inch deep and 5 feet apart in moderately fertile soil, along a wall, fence which they can climb.
3) Keep the soil damp and watch for seeds to germinate within a week or month.
4) As they grow continue to water the plants.
5) Feed the plants once in a month with a liquid organic bloom-booster fertilizer.

Wood Roses are used in the dry flower arrangements.