Hollyhock - Alcea rosea - Althea rosea

Hollyhocks are stunning ornamental garden plants. They are technically biennials. They grow from large flat seeds the first year and bloom. They produce a multitude of huge flower spikes for a truly magnificent effect.
They have large blooms in wide range of colors.They come in many rich and delicate colors, from the deepest crimsons and maroons to blush pinks, whites and pale yellows, single and double blooms generally grown from 6-12 feet tall spikes.
Hollyhocks need full sun, moist, rich, well drained soil.

How to grow Hollyhocks: 

Seeds may be collected every year for future planting, If left to their own they fall on the ground and self sow.
1) Prior to planting work, add plenty of organic matter, such as compost or animal manure into the garden.
2) Sow seeds just beneath the surface of the soil.
3) Seeds will germinate in 10-14 days.
4) Thin to 8-16 inches apart after seedlings have sprouted.
5) Water as needed for the growth of the plant and to keep flowers blooming.
6) Adding an organic flower fertilizer every few weeks will result in bigger bolder blooms.
7) When flowers fade, cut stalks to the ground.

Add Hollyhock to your garden this year.