'The Pearl' -  Polyanthus tuberose Double flowering tuberose Rajanigandha.

This is an ornamental plant grown in the gardens for its clusters of most fragrant, snow white flowers. It is commonly called Tuberose.
This plant is tropical to sub-tropical and grows under wide range of climatic conditions. Basically it
needs warmth, sunshine, high relative humidity, well drained soil and even moisture. The ideal temperature for this plant growth on average ranges between 20 and 30 degrees C.
Tuberose produce fountains of grassy foliage and clusters of pretty, elegant,sweet smelling,snow white, funnel shaped, single or double flowers on long stems. Double flower variety is called 'Double Pearl.'
How to grow Tuberose:
1) Plant the Tuberose bulbs 4-6 inches apart and a depth of 2 inches and cover them with soil and compost and sprinkle some water.
2) Give the Tuberose bulb thorough watering to settle the soil around it.
3) Growth is visible within a few weeks.
4) Keep the soil fairly dry,but water before it dries out fully.
5) Flowers typically emerge about 90-120 days after planting.
Removal of flowers for house display will not harm the plant, So enjoy bringing the scent in to your house!