Ornamental Onions 
Alliums are known as  ornamental onions.They are grown for their showy flowers.
Flowers come in spherical, globular or oval shapes and in blue, purple or white
shades. They bloom atop tall stems.
These flowers are not appreciated by many people. But they are fantastic flowers in the
garden and vase. They are very graceful flowers.
They are suitable for warm weather gardens, They need full sun and well
drained soil. They are easy to grow. 

How to grow Alliums:
Propagation of Alliums is by their bulbs( underground stems)
1) Dig holes in the soil 3"deep and 6"-8" apart and place the bulbs with the 
pointing end facing up in the holes.
2) Water well to settle the soil around the bulb.
3) More substantial top growth and flower stems will form in the spring.
You can grow them in pots, barrels, tubs and urns. 

Grow Alliums in your flower garden this season.