Rosa chinensis minima - Miniature Rose - Mini Rose - Parade Rose

Miniature Rose is an ever green, ornamental garden shrub. They are small, fine thorn species of  roses, carrying all the characteristics of roses but in miniature. These plants range in size from 6-18 inches tall. Climbing varieties can reach up to 5 feet tall, still bearing tiny flowers. They are wonderful landscape plants. Minis include climbers, trailers, micro-mini and mini-flora. Mini Roses have full formed buds,closely spaced foliage, free flowering tendency and disease resistance.

Mini Roses produce smaller flowers. The flowers are one and a half inch across. They come in a wide range of colors and with fragrance that vary from slight to intense. They can be single or double blossoms.

How to grow Mini Roses:

Miniature Roses are tough plants. They're almost always propagated and grown on their own roots.

From cuttings: 

1) Choose a healthy stem from the Mini Rose from which you wish to propagate.
2) Do this just after the flowers have faded, and be sure that the stem has a minimum of 3-4 leaves.
3) Dip the cutting in some honey to avoid drying of the cut end.
4) Plant the cutting in a pre -prepared container already filled with free-draining mix. Gently pat into place and keep well watered till roots are formed on the stem cutting.
5) Pick a place that gets full sun or partial shade. The soil in this place should be rich, moist and well draining.
6) Dig a hole approximately one foot deep in the soil.
7) Remove the plant let gently from the container and place it in the hole, fill it with soil and pat it down gently.
8) Water the plant thoroughly from the base and avoid getting the foliage wet.
9) Feed the plant with rose food or general fertilizer when new leaves are just beginning  to grow and after each heavy bloom.
10) Cut off dead wood for shaping or to encourage new growth. Minis do not require heavy pruning.